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The bridge between sales, marketing and technology.
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About Me


Passion for growth​

Pierre Steén is a digital growth artist living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. My main area is digital B2B challenges and opportunities, but I often wander off to work with digital B2C projects as well. I am a passionate digital sales and marketing evangelist who is always trying to help entrepreneurs and businesses find their place in the digital evolution.

I work with combining marketing automation, social selling, Ecommerce, great storytelling with an entrepreneurial business mindset to help brands and businesses create growth and prosper.

As Dylan put it: The times they are changing, and nothing can be closer to the truth. It is hard to keep up at times when there are literally millions of digital tools, strategies and tactics out there.

My passion for digital sales and marketing has taken me on a journey testing and trying thousands of strategies and tactics with many different tools narrowing them down to those that work in different situations. You don´t have to take the long road as I did, I´m here to help you go faster.

What I can help you with

I can help you realize the potential in your business provided by digital sales & marketing.

Growth foundation

Setting the foundation for your growth journey. 

Digital strategies

Creating a gameplay that takes your business to the next level.

Interim digital expert

Filling the temporary competence gap in Ecom, digital management and more.

Viggen content framework

We knew that we had a great solution to a problem that hampered so many businesses, but we struggled with getting the customers to understand the greatness of our offer and take action on it. Sales were really plummeting and we were starting to give up. That was when I decided to break down the message in it´s key parts and work on them separately resulting in the Viggen content framework. We started to describe the problem we knew the custoemrs were facing in a way that they could feel the impact of the problems when reading. Then describe how their future would be if they were already using our solution, again let them feel it. A future without the problem. Before finally describing how our solution works and how it is the bridge from the painful present to the wonderful future. We then put the story together and BOOM, the results came instantly. In the first three months after implementing the framework we had doubled the full years targets and it just kept going from there. The Viggen content framework has since then been a needle mover for many brands and can be that for your business too.

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